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UNIREM خدمات الرعاية الصحية المنزلية
Customer Service

مسح خدمة العملاء لتقييم التمريض

شارك تجربتك معنا في الجدول التالي.

ملاحظة: ستكون جميع معلومات العميل سرية لضمان خصوصية العميل.

نجمة * تشير إلى حقل إلزامي

How was your nurse experience? *
Arrives and leaves workplace on time as per the schedule *
Grooming & Wearing uniform properly? *
Communicate with patient and family in polite way *
Keep the privacy & confidentiality of the patient and family *
Nurse personal hygiene *
Nurse routine about patient care *
The nurse's commitment that not use mobile phone or electronic devices during working hours *
The nurse's commitment that not communicate with other home workers without prior permission from the client *
Nurse dedication to work with patient and family in proper way *
Customer Satisfaction *

شكرا للتقديم!

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