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Home care Service in Dubai
Critical Home Nursing Service in Dubai
Critical Home Nursing Service in Dubai

Critical Home Care: 

Today after developing medical services and possibility to provide medical equipment and devices with suitable cost for individual, due to this reason a lot of family prefer care their loved in home so we in UNIREM HOME CARE provide nurses has experience in critical cases and icu setup at home to do the following home services:

  • Daily assessment of the patient and observe any new complain at home.

  • Prepare ICU setup at home with medical team.

  • Monitor vital signs (pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature & blood pressure).

  • Care, maintenance or change of urine catheter.

  • Perform fluid aspiration and suction and help patient to breathe.

  • Care for tracheal whole (tracheostomy care)

  • Intestinal and gastric tubular nutritional care.

  • Give medicine according to doctor’s instructions.

  • Home wound care and sterilization.

  • Care of personal hygiene (bathing - trim nails - change dressing & diaper - toileting and assisting patient in        incontinence issues).

  • Pain management.

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