Company Name & Logo

Company Name & Logo

UNIREM Home Care is derived from several words that have multiple meaning

UNIREM meaning:

- UNI is prfex that indicate 5 company values that contain group of words represent our values and concept


   And this 5 company values are:


  1. Unique: one of our important value to provide medical services with high quality and to be Unique in our service.

  2. Unimaginable: Always we search to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of patients and customer requirements

  3. Union: Our belief in the possibility of the participation of the success we adopt benefit for all or union benefits principle for that we seek to serve our employees and meet their requirements and treated on the basis of partnership.

  4. Unity: we belief to work as team with union vision & unison effort with one uniform, continus without any uninterruptedly in unidimensional with full unimpressed to reach our goals.

  5. Universal: our stratigy goal to be international company and provide royal services.



- Rem meaning:

   Rem is indicate remedy word that mean treatment, therapy, medication or  curative

- Home Care

  We provide medical services mainly in home.


Unirem also has another meaning with different language:

  • The Portuguese language mean together

  • In Urdu language mean Men

  • In Romanian language mean the Union


Logo Color


White indicate:

Innocence and purity: White is the beginning of everything, before anything is muddied or thinking is 'colored'.

New beginnings: White represents the clean slate, helping us through times of stress, and allowing us put the past behind us and preparing us to move on.

Equality and unity: White represents the positive as well as the negative aspects of all colors. It contains an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum.











Neutrality: gray is impartial and dispassionate, it does not take sides.

Compromise: it is the transition between two non-colors, neither black nor white. It takes the middle ground, neither one way nor the other.

Control: gray is reserved, quiet and conservative. It has a steadying effect on other colors around it.

Tel    +971  43955225
 Mob  +971  529894470

Head Office : UAE -  Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Road - near to Financial Center Metro Station - Aspin commercial tower  

P.O.BOX 33736

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