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Home care Service in Dubai
maternity Home Nursing Service in Dubai
Mother Home Nursing Service in Dubai

Maternity Home Care

Maternity Care (Mother Care) is one of the most important home nursing care service that provide by UNIREM home care and our attention begins to follow health of mother and baby during different stages of pregnancy, our professional registered nurse, midwife or caregiver trained well to care the mother and do the following tasks:

  • Mother follow-up during pregnancy at home.

  • Monitoring vital signs (pulse rate – blood pressure - temperature - respiratory rate).

  • Blood glucose test and record the results for future evaluation.

  • Arrange diet program for pregnant women and provide nursing care for her.

  • Escorting on external medical appointments for pregnancy follow up.

  • Assist pregnant women to do exercise.

  • Preparation of medical reports and follow up pregnant women.

  • Psychological and emotional support and maintain the privacy of pregnant women.

  • Home medical education of mother and her family on how to deal with pregnancy and how care about her baby at home.

  • Help mother and prepare her for delivery.

  • Care after caesarean section.

  • help and educate mother about breast-feeding and neonatal care.

Care about yourself and your baby during pregnancy is very important and we appreciate your trust to select our night nurse or day shift from our skilled nursing staff to help you, we care to provide affordable home care service, to request maternity care service, please book now... 

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