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Home care Service in Dubai
Elderly Home Nursing Service in Dubai

Elderly Home Care 

Seniors (old people) at home seek special care and from our duty to care about elderly patients, we launch elderly care service that includes as example but not limited to the following services:


- Daily assessment for the elderly patient & observe any new complain.

- Monitoring vital signs for old people (pulse rate – blood pressure - temperature - respiratory rate).

- Blood glucose test and record the results for future evaluation.

- Providing medication and test the drug sensitivity (for certain drugs).

- Administer oxygen supply via nasal cannula and face mask.

- Feeding old people at home via the mouth, Nasogastric Tube, or PEG & arrange daily meal schedule.

- Bowel movement by administering enema.

- Elderly caregiver will do personal care of patient’s hygiene (bathing - trim nails - change dressing & diaper)

  toileting and assisting patient in incontinence issues).

- Stimulate blood circulation by exercises especially in bedridden patient.

- Elderly care giver will do caring for the elderly at home.

- Elderly care giver will helping to move via wheelchair, cane, crutches, or walker, do daily activities

- Support independence of the patient.

- Protect old people from disease complications.

- Care of the stoma, colostomy, or tracheotomy tube.

- Insertion and handling of Nasogastric tube, Foley catheter, or intravenously.

- Wound and limbs care especially for diabetic patient.

- Reminder senior for medical appointment.

- Escorting on external medical appointments.

- Prepare medical reports and follow-up patient's through his/her file.

- Psychological and social support and preserve patient’s privacy.

- Stabilization and assistance with walking and light exercise & engaging in physical and mental activities

  and exercise.

- Home medical education for the patient and the family about the patient’s health condition.

- Provide home physiotherapy sessions through qualify physiotherapists.

- keep patient’s safety & protect elderly patient from falling down or infection contamination.


To request elderly home care service for your parents or other , please booking now.....

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