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Home Health Care in Dubai
Unirem Home Care
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Unirem Home Health Care in Dubai
Unirem Home Health Care in Dubai
Unirem Home Health Care in Dubai
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What we provide in UNIREM Home Care ?

We provide private medical care & home nursing services for patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or homes in UAE according to international medical standard.....

What is importance of providing home healthcare services in current period?

​In the world today, the pace of life is accelerating and need for individuals and communities to live balance & successful life manner is increasing…

And today also, it become necessary to maintain the time and investment it to meet demands of life in additional to importance of providing attention & care for our families and our loved ones.

To keep this equation, attention emerged to health as priority, especially after increasing daily sources of infection and contamination, which impact negative on various aspects of our life & result emergence of new diseases that not known in previous years.

And with increased number of patients in hospitals, emergence of chronic diseases, increase chance of infection, long time that require for treatment and the difficulty to provide time to care patients in hospitals and treatment centers so due to previous reasons the scientist start research to find new way for transfer medical services to the patient in home & began, emerged the idea of ​​home care service, which have several advantages, for example:


  • Patients have more privacy in home.

  • The home care service saving time and effort for family & patients.

  • Patients do not need to leave home.

  • Reduce treatment cost due to low home care price compare with hospital cost.

  • Reduce likelihood of infection due to the decrease contact with other patients in hospital.

  • Home care service provide more vacant beds in hospitals for other patients that may be need more for hospital services.

  • Increase quality of home service which provide by nurse at home because this home nurse responsible only for one patient at home.

Now let's look for list of home nursing services that provide by our home nursing staff

Unirem Home Care
Unirem Home Health Care in Dubai
Home Health Care in Dubai
Home Health Care in Dubai
Better Care Starts with You!
Unirem Home Care
Home Health Care in Dubai
Unirem Home Care

List of Home Nursing Services

UNIREM Home Care offer range of home nursing care & private home medical service to patients in hospital, rehabilitation clinic or home, this home care services including the following:


  • Elderly Care Service.

  • Newborn & Children Care Service.

  • Critical Care Service.

  • Maternity Care.

  • Post- Surgery and Fracture Care.

  • Feeding Patient Service (Nutrition).

  • Escort Nurse Service Inside and Outside UAE.

  • Care for People with Special Needs.

  • Wound Care Service.

  • Cancer Care and Palliative Treatment.

  • Pain management.

  • Medical Consultation.

  • Physiotherapy Service.

  • Provide Medical Equipment , Medical Instruments and Prepare it in the Patient's Home.

  • Medical Education for Patient and Co-patient.



Please click on home health service that you need more information about it from the following list 

Home Health Care in Dubai

You can visit our home service page for more information about nursing at home and home physiotherapy services and to know tasks of home nurse and you can contact us for home care price and to select best options for you.

our home care Dubai ready to provide your request home nursing service.

If you idea about the home nursing service that you need , you can book your home nursing service from the following link and fill the home service booking form.


Customer Testimonials


Welcome to our customer feedback survey!

We are interest to receive your opinions and suggestions about our home care service because we believe that there is nothing more important to us than the satisfaction of our customers.

The goal of this survey is to evaluate your satisfaction with our current home nursing and physiotherapy services and to find out what we can do to better meet your needs. 

Please click here to add your feedback about provided home care service 

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Home Health Care in UAE
Home Health Care in UAE
Home Health Care in UAE
Unirem Home Health Care in Dubai
Unirem Home Health Care in Dubai

Mr Ali Almazroi

A very respectable experience, you are a role model in the nursing world, thank you for your wonderful professional and professional service, we invite you to succeed and further progress and success

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Thank you unirem, your interest care for my mother  


Reem - Dubai

Thank you UNIREM for caring  my child and your interest in providing a distinguished nursing service , skilled and professional nurses.

Fatma Ahmed

Do you search for home nurse or medical job in UAE?


Welcome in unirem home care medical team ,


We always strive to provide the best home healthcare service to our clients. We are proud to be a leading home health center in this field, and we are currently seeking new nurse staff who are interested in joining to our nursing team and providing the excellent nursing services we offer.


If you are looking for a job opportunity that carries a lot of responsibility and achieves a lot of accomplishments, then our home health center is the right place for you.


We have job vacancies in several fields, and we are looking for candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to provide excellent services to our clients and patients. So why not join our team and become a part of our family in the home healthcare industry?




visit our career page today and fill hiring request form 

unirem staff
Unirem Home Care
Unirem Home Care
Better Care Starts with You!

Main Head Office Address

Al - Reem Tower - Office No 1308  - Riggat Albuteen - Dubai - UAE 

Home Health Care in Dubai
Home Health Care in Dubai

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Home Health Care in Dubai
Unirem Home Care
Home Health Care in Dubai
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