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What we provide in UNIREM Home Care ?

We provide private medical care & home nursing services for patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or homes in UAE according to international medical stander.....

What is importance of providing home healthcare services in current period?

List of Home Nursing Services

Better Care Starts with You!

In the world today, the pace of life is accelerating and need for individuals and communities to live balance & successful life manner is increasing…

And today also, it become necessary to maintain the time and investment it to meet demands of life in additional to importance of providing attention & care for our families and our loved ones.

To keep this equation, attention emerged to health as priority, especially after increasing daily sources of infection and contamination, which impact negative on various aspects of our life & result emergence of new diseases that not known in previous years.

And with increased number of patients in hospitals, emergence of chronic diseases, increase chance of infection, long time that require for treatment and the difficulty to provide time to care patients in hospitals and treatment centers so due to previous reasons the scientist start research to find new way for transfer medical services to the patient in home & began, emerged the idea of ​​home care services, which have several advantages, for example:

  • Patients have more privacy.

  • Saving time and effort for family & patients.

  • Patients do not need to leave home.

  • Reduce treatment cost.

  • Reduce likelihood of infection due to the decrease contact with other patients in hospital.

  • Provide more vacant beds in hospitals for other patients that may be need more for hospital services.

  • Increase quality of service which provide by nurse and this nurse responsible only for one patient.

Now let's look for list of home nursing services that provide by our medical staff…

Customer Testimonials


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Head Office : UAE -  Dubai – Al Maktoum Road - Emirate Concord Office Tower - Office No 401

Fatma Ahmed

Thank you unirem, your interest care for my mother  

Mr Ali Almazroi

A very respectable experience, you are a role model in the nursing world, thank you for your wonderful professional and professional service, we invite you to succeed and further progress and success

Reem - Dubai

Thank you UNIREM for caring  my child and your interest in providing a distinguished nursing service , skilled and professional nurses.

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