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What is Home care?

Home care is: home medical care and nursing services that provide to patients in their home by qualify nurses that received training to provide this type of care.

What is the difference between Home Nursing and Hospital Nursing?

No difference from medical side but provide home nursing care is have benefits for patient and their family such us:


  • Patients have more privacy.

  • Saving time and effort for family & patients.

  • Patients do not need to leave home.

  • Reduce treatment cost.

  • Reduce likelihood of infection due to the decrease contact with other patients in hospital.

  • Provide more vacant beds in hospitals for other patients that may be need more for hospital services.

  • Increase quality of service which provide by nurse and this nurse responsible only for one patient.

Is UNIREM Home Care has licensed and certified from Dubai Health Authority (DHA)?

Yes, Right it is licensed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Are your Nurses certified by Dubai Health Authority (DHA)? Are they received any training to provide home nursing services?

Yes, all of our Nurses are certified and licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and are qualified Nurses registered in their home country. And they have previous nursing experience from 2 – 6 years, also they received training from company before start work in UAE.

Who can use our home medical services?

UNIREM Home Care provide nursing services to all age group (please see our list of home medical services from here)

How UNIREM Home Care select the best nurse to handle the case? What the steps to start home nursing services?

We select the best nurse according to several factors such us patient health condition & type of nursing serve that need for patient and to start the nursing services, our doctor see the medical report and do the assessment after that he select the best nurse to handle the patient.

How many hours that can be provide by UNIREM to care about patient?

We have flexible schedule hours, and we have 12 hours or 24 hours for 6 or 7 days per week depend on patient need and client request.

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